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Would you wear this suit specifically designed for photographers

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Have you ever opened your closet on a gig day and thought to yourself, “Gosh, I really wish someone would design What can I wear to a photoshoot? designed Photographers only“? Nope, I’m not the only one. Perhaps you could also consider some winter gloves.

It could be your lucky day. Japanese outfitters Unix Tokyo have “worked closely” with some photographers to design a suit specifically with the wedding photographer in mind. It’s a classic, for sure!

“Are you having trouble photographing your wedding?” the website asked in a somewhat mangled translation from Japanese. The site continues to list all of the problems wedding photographers have in finding appropriate clothing for shooting.

According to reports, wedding photographers have to wear formal clothes that are often too tight at the elbows or shoulders. Suit material is often not stretchy, so can be quite restrictive, and they lack suitable amounts of pockets, particularly women’s clothing.

Actually, all of this is somewhat correct, particularly the lack of deep pockets on women’s clothing. I’d love a pocket I could get a 24-70mm lens in!

The jacket is made of a four-way stretch fabric and has deep pockets to comfortably fit a camera lens. There’s also a built-in lens cloth inside the pocket (handy!). The buttons are made from soft silicon, so they won’t scratch your LCD screen or lens.

Rubber pants

The trousers are made from the same material and, according to the website, inexplicably have “Rubber on the back for easy movement and comfort.” At that rate, why not just have a removable incontinence pad insert for all those poor wedding photographers who never have a bathroom moment in the day’s schedule?

In the 15 years I’ve been a professional photographer, I never once thought that I needed a panel of rubber on my pants. But maybe that’s just me, and I’m missing something here.

So Unix Tokyo gets a high five for trying to tackle the problem, but I’m not sure that they have quite hit on the ideal solution here. I’m not angry about it like Digital Camera WorldIt’s funny, but not as funny as it seems.

Let’s not pretend here: the suits look pretty terrible. Even the models seem embarrassed to wear these suits. You are the photographer at a formal wedding and you will be up front, directing group portraits. You need to look presentable because you are visible. This suit is not worth the price (almost $400 for jacket and trousers).

Tailoring is very important

A loose-fitting stretch fabric suit will never look good. There’s a reason why high-end suits are tailor-made or at least just fitted to the wearer (I worked for a summer in a gentleman’s outfitter’s in my youth). And most women don’t want to look like they are wearing a paper bag either.

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve worn a suit to photograph in. The climate in Spain doesn’t lend itself to that attire and there are plenty of more creative, comfortable and elegant options out there that allow me to do my job. Instead of keeping lenses in my pockets, I keep them in a bag.).

There are still some situations where a photography outfit could be useful. A suit with a Steadicam rig built in, a pop-up flash stitched into the front handkerchief pocket, a lining that zips out and becomes an extra reflector…

If you want to try this suit out (with rubber pants, sorry, I cannot ignore that detail), you can go to Bic CameraBuy directly from the manufacturer Unix Tokyo Website. The jacket costs $255 and the trousers are $140. Bargain.

[via digital camera world]


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