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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Photographers

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Are you unsure what to give the photographer in your life? No problem, we’re here to help. Here’s some ideas for those of you who are scratching your head trying to figure out what to get. I’ve tried to choose gifts that would appeal to photographers no matter what genre they shoot. The giraffe is probably the exception. You’ll see.

Always useful

Giottos Rocket Blaster Dust-Removal Tool

I think most people could use this in their bag. Everyone’s lens and equipment get dusty, after all.

Freehands Men’s Unlined Fleece Gloves

Perfect for the photographer who takes pictures in cold weather and still needs to adjust his gear.

Love = Food and Drink

Thermo Cup Lens FotodioX LenZcup

A 1:1 life-size Nikkor AF -S 24-70mm f/2.8G ED Lens that is actually a cup. Keep drinks hot …. Insulated stainless steel interior keeps drinks cold or hot. I’ve received two of these as gifts, so I use one at work and one at home. I don’t use one out in the field, however. As a photographer at night, I’m sure it will only be a question of time before I try to drink from my camera lens.

Camera wine stopper

A wine stopper decorated with a miniature golden camera. It uses an infused, natural cork finished with an all natural/non-toxic/hypoallergenic clear coating.

Camera lens shot glasses

Why not a shot glass?

Chocolate camera

What’s Valentine’s Day without chocolate? Camera-shaped chocolate is exactly what you would expect. Available in dark or milk chocolate.

Fun gifts

Giraffe Shutter Huggers

Get this for your favorite children’s photographer! They can now free up their hands by mounting the cute stuffed giraffe to your lens. You can also get this for a night photographer you know. They’ll be confused, sure, but night photographers are weird. They’ll just go with it.

Keychain camera lens

Beautifully detailed keychain with a decorative camera “lens” attached. This can also be personalized.

Camera jewelry — dainty camera necklace

A necklace with an ultra-minimalist camera for your favorite photographer. Made from plated Sterling Silver.925, suitable for sensitive skin. Available in three plated finishes.

Camera earrings

Aluminum wire is used to make lightweight earrings with tiny cameras. You can choose cat’s eyes beads of varying colors.

Camera pillow cover

100% cotton linen retro camera pillow cover.


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