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Topaz Labs released Gigapixel 7 upscaler – their largest update since over a month.

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Topaz Labs Gigapixel – one of Topaz Labs’ most advanced Gigapixels. Most popular upscaling applications on the market. And now, Topaz Labs released the largest update Gigapixel had in over a year – Gigapixel 7. Gigapixel 7 has many improvements and new features, from UI upgrades to an updated AI engine.

New AI models

Topaz Labs Gigapixel 7 new AI models

Topaz has added two new AI models, Standard V2 (and High Fidelity) V2. These are new versions of existing Standard and High Fidelity Models. The new models will not replace the standard and high fidelity modes for now. You can still choose older V1 models in the AI models panel.

According to Topaz Labs Gigapixel 7 features the following improvements:

  • For Standard, we’ve improved the deblur consistency (blurry patch issue).
  • For High Fidelity, we’ve improved the grain-preserving consistency for low denoise/remove jpeg sliders.
    • If you need to maintain the original grain/noise, choose this model and adjust the two sliders.
  • For High Fidelity, we’ve fixed the tile blending artifacts.
  • For both models, we’ve fixed the tile artifacts on Apple Silicon Mac’s Neural Engine.
    • Photo offers the option to disable Neural Engine. However, this will slow processing.
  • In general, models should be more generative to improve quality
Topaz Labs Gigapixel 7 UI

Other major changes

  • Updated AI engine that should allow for better compatibility and faster processing
  • Updated preferences with New Options
    • Note: This will reset all your preferences
  • These models will eventually replace the v1 model in due course. If you find any problems with the quality of our products, please let us now.

Other notable additions

  • Preview now includes pinch-to-zoom and panning gestures
  • Updated RAW preview handling (should now be closer to Photo AI).
  • Capture before/after images in split and side-by-side views
  • Drag and drop to move up and down the list of files
    • Note: There’s a known problem where removing/adding an image causes it to snap to the default positioning
  • Changed logic of selection
  • Changed controls so that they show mixed states when multiple images with different values have been selected


Toapz Labs has shifted its focus from Toapz to other apps, such as DeNoise AIYou can also find out more about Photo AI. Over a year has passed since the release date of Gigapixel 6 Now that Gigapixel 7 is such a significant update, I hope we’ll see more frequent releases. Topaz Gigapixel 7 is available as a perpetual license. $99.


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