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PiBZ, a 3D-printable Raspberry Pi camera that you can customise at home

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There are many Raspberry Pi camerasMany of them are now out there. Many of them, according Boaz the Ostrich, you must take photos using a keyboard connected to your camera. Boaz designed his own in response.

Of course, it’s based on the Raspberry Pi (Buy here) with the HQ Camera Module (Buy here). He’s designed it as a somewhat modular and customisable device. You can print it at home and adjust it to fit your hand perfectly.

YouTube video

PiBZ – Why another 3D-printed Pi camera?

Boaz had first shown off his camera for about a month before posting the video below. The video is an introduction to this camera. Boaz explains the capabilities of the camera and why he designed it.

The main reason is that all cameras available on the market from the major brands (Nikon Canon Sony, etc.) have their own specific form factors. And these form factors aren’t necessarily ideal for all users.

Look at open source cameras, however, he found that many of them still required you to have a keyboard stuffed in your backpack – if not being carried and used with the camera to snap photos.

As an aside, I want to point out here that this hasn’t been my experience. We’ve featured a NumberYou can also find out more about the following: 3D-printed Raspberry Pi cameras here on DIYP, and I can’t recall the last one I saw with a keyboard attached to it once it was in its final state. You may have a different experience. Not everyone will see the same project!

Boaz also wanted to do away with the keyboard, and provide a solution that was more like a camera. The only difference is that because it’s 3D printed, Boaz can customise the ergonomics and feature to his liking.

You can make it yourself

Boaz tweaked his design and software since his original video. He updated the design, and because he’d neglected to do so in the video above, he walks us through the build process from start to finish.

This one’s a 46-minute video. So, you’ll want to sit back and relax with a big coffee or a bowl of ice cream or something before hitting play.

YouTube video

It doesn’t quite have that all-in-one self-contained thing happening yet. It still requires external USB-powered. I think it should be fairly easy, once you’ve modified the grip to your liking, to adjust things a bit to fit an 18650 and a small charging circuit.

But that’s where you step in if that’s what you want.

The entire Download the project from GitHubMake your own PiBZ. Boaz states that the PiBZ is a work in process and not a completed product. He hopes that it will be a good place to start for those who want to create their own cameras.

GitHub contains all the 3D models, bill of materials and schematics, as well as the code you need to build your own camera. Boaz will continue to update and revise PiBZ whether you take the reins of the project or not. So, be sure to keep up with the project.


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