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How to Use AI Art Prints Online


Create Beautiful art prints Online Recipes: Browse this Collection of Recipes

AI art is not limited to digital. You can use it to create beautiful prints for mugs and t-shirts, among other products.

Selling art prints online can be a lucrative and enjoyable business. It is important to create ai artwork that complements the environment and radiates positive energies. It can be challenging to create art with AI. We have created a list with recipes that will assist you in creating beautiful AI images. You can then print them, frame them and sell as art prints.

Recipe# : Fantasy Architecture (Altair)

This recipe will help get you started in the print business if fantasy and whimsical pictures have always been your passion.

This recipe will produce ethereal, mesmerizing architectural forms. These are ideal for spaces that inspire creativity and wonder.

AI generated image a castle

Recipe# : Japanese Architecture (Altair)

You want your art prints to stand out from the crowd? What about the vibrant Japanese architectural style?

It’s no surprise that the Japanese aesthetic has influenced other cultures for centuries. The dynamic shapes and colours, which blend together like two waves, are hypnotizing.

This recipe will produce some amazing Japanese architectural AI artwork that could be used to create some beautiful art prints for sale on Japanese paper. 😉

Prompts: “Japanese Architecture” “Japan Buildings” “Nihon kenchiku” “zen”

Settings: Artstation, Art Deco, Ukiyo-e

Runtime: 200 – 400

Process: Altair

Japanese Inspired Architecture

Recipe# : Gothic Monochrome

It’s fine that not everyone likes colour. Monochromatic design can bring out the colors of the space.

This recipe set can help you export some monochromatic monochrome, eerie ai artworks.

Prompts: “Gothic Monochrome” “Greyscale” “Romanesque” “Architecture” “Cathedral” “Ornament”

Setting: Felix Kelly/Artstation

Runtime: 250 – 600

Process: Orion

Illustration in black-and-white of a woman looking into a mirror

Recipe#  – Astronomy/ Celestial

What’s more lucrative than selling large-sized prints? Astronomical art prints larger than life, celestial and astral.

There is nothing more impressive than a large print of the Cosmos. This AI art recipe will allow you to create a cosmic image that will sky rocket the art print business.

Prompts: “Solar System” “Solar Flares” “Planetary” “Lunar” “Spirals”

Setting: Nat Geo/Felix Kelly + Artstation + Matte Painting

Runtime: 250 – 600

Process: Orion

Celestial Image of Planet Floating in Space
Two planets in outer space

Recipe# : Retro Vintage

Retro vintage is timeless. Retro artworks, on a shirt or poster, will never go out of style. This recipe will allow you to create vibrant and fun vintage images that you can sell.

Prompts: “Retro” “vintage” “retro vintage” “neon retro” “antique” “classic” “west coast” “diner” “car” “club” “drive-in”

Setting: Artstation By Felix Kelly

Runtime: 250 – 600

Process: Orion.

Urban scene with a car and a crowd
Tropical urban scene with palm trees, robots and other elements

Recipe #  – Watercolour

Sometimes the traditional method is best. Watercolour prints and images are used as wall décor for centuries.

Soft pastel colours and an airy aesthetic can help to calm any space.

This set contains the best recipes.


“Watercolor art”, Aquarelle Art “soft watercolour ” “opaque backgrounds with watercolor”

Orion Styles

Artstation / Felix Kelly / Johan Grenier & James Gurney

Altair styles:

Artstation / Speed Painting / Watercolor / Matte Painting


250 – 600

Orion examples:

Watercolour painting of a jellyfish

Altair examples:

Floral watercolour painting
Pastel themed watercolour paintings

What’s Next?

Once you’ve decided on your aesthetic and style, go wild!

You’ll want to experiment a lot with art prints. There are two ways of doing it. There are two ways to do it. Consider which business model will work best for you.

Print-on demand drop shipping is a great way to sell art online. Printify & **Printful** are two brands that provide this service. Both brands integrate easily with Shopify. Both offer a wide range of products from mugs, wall decor and tee-shirts. Drop-shipping is a service that allows you to relax and let the drop-shipper handle the rest.

You can follow this path if you just want to start a side-business and see how it works. There’s always a snag. Print-on demand services and drop shipping would give you very little control over quality of art prints, other products and other products. This is not the best route if you are looking to build a brand and cultivate your name.

You will need to take a different approach if you want to create the masterpiece of a company. The stakes may be higher, but the rewards are also greater. Either invest quality printing equipment or work with a printer that meets your standards. You should also make certain that the clothing or other items, such as paper, you are selling online are of top-notch quality.


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