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Adox releases a new color movie for beginners

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Adox returned to filmmaking in 2017.Just in time to catch the Resurgence of film photographers. Adox produced only black-and-white movies like the Adox Scala for quite some time.$7.49Adox CMS ($7.99). This changed in 2022, with the Adox Color Mission. they’re back with the Adox Color Mission Helios – a new low ISO color film.

Adox Color Mission Helios

According to Adox, the Color Mission Helios is “a simplified color film with only four layers of color and very low sensitivity”. Supposedly, it’s a color film meant for Beginner film makers.

The film has a Three ISO is the nominal speed. There are ways to achieve a low ISO. It will help to have a fast-prime lens, but that is not always possible. You can use a lower tripod and your Shutter speeds, but that doesn’t help when shooting any moving subject. To have the easiest experience, it’s better to use this film on bright, sunny days when you have light to spare.

Adox Color Mission Helios samples

Here are some examples using the Color Mission Helios supplied by Adox.

Price and availability

Adox says that they are currently casting on their machine the final layers in Switzerland. They hope to offer sheet and 35mm film by spring. There are no details yet on the price or availability of Color Mission Helios. You can choose to use either method. Keep up to date with the Adox Blog.

[via kosmofoto.com]


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